Gratitude Lives (Read to the end for a Giveaway!)

A good friend said to me recently, “So where’s Gratitude Gal this month?”

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, and no I haven’t written much here lately.  While I’m pumped for pie and stuffing (Um, yeah, can you please pass more stuffing?) it’s a hard year to mine for thanks.

This year we lost my darling mother-in-law, Peggy.  She watched our kids.  She made us cookies, and she was lovely in a simple way that I admire.  I miss her.  Her Cancer progressed quickly (and slowly, I guess) after a stroke.  When I typed that, I capitalized Cancer, and I know there’s no reason to.  On many days since then, I’ve noticed my three-year-old son O looking sad.  When I ask him about it, he says plainly.  “I’m sad about Grandma Peggy.  My heart is broken.”

Mine too.

Our new childcare provider (whom I love) said recently, “I just love Thanksgiving.  It’s the last non-commercialized holiday.”

Cheers to that.

I AM thankful for a lot of stuff in the midst of the muck this year.  I am thankful for her and how she swooped in to help our family in a practical and self-sacrificial way that has mattered.  It has mattered a lot.

I AM thankful for writing, for art.  My daughter C said recently in her own bout of sadness about grandma, “Let’s do some art, it makes me feel better.”

Cheers to that too.

In the face of death, of loss, of not measuring up ourselves, or in the midst of whatever rough patch we’re in, one way to live our thanks is to make stuff.  Rub your hands together and invoke the Creative Energy that says life comes after death and that death does not win.  Make a pie.  Make a picture.  Make a mess.  Plant a tree.  Do anything, write, create, savor, whatever.  To do those things with thanks, is one way to say that hope wins, Hope with a capital H, not cancer.

Some days it takes fierce tenacity to wait and wait for the light that’s coming, even if it’s just a glint.

In all of it, I’m still quietly thankful in the midst of being sad, thankful for the light of Peggy’s life and how it crossed over into mine.  Gratitude Lives.  May it live on in you too.

Gratitude Dare:

Instead of just rushing through cooking or football this Thanksgiving, get a hot beverage and pull out your notebook for 20 minutes.  Take the time this year to write a 2017 gratitude list.  Zoom up.  Look around.  Notice.  You’ll be thankful you did.

One more thing. . .  here’s the giveaway!  I wrote some devotions in this book.  I’m giving away a free copy for Thanksgiving.   Post a short gratitude list in a response to this on the blog or on Facebook this week and you’ll be entered to win.

Oh, and really just one more thing.  A friend from College, Rebecca Cooper, has a sweet Facebook Author page (she’s written four books)  I find her quirky and uplifting.  You will too.  Take a sec to follow her on Facebook.  She’s a gem who will add a little sparkle to your feed.

Thank you for reading.  
It means a lot to me.  – Evi like Chevy (gratitude gal)