God Giggles Saturday: Bathroom Humor

I went to my final night teaching confirmation at our church excited for non-traditional learning with prayer stations around the room (candles, low lighting, reflective music).  After explaining how the first group of 150 middle schoolers and parents should be quiet and reflective for the full 45 minutes, I took a quick trip to the bathroom… when I returned, a couple of parents were looking at me pointedly. 
“We heard all the flushing and stuff,” they said.
I wondered if something were wrong with my iPhone music… when one of the dads discretely grabbed my arm and whispered, “Your microphone, Evi.” Turns out I had worn my lapel microphone to the bathroom and it was ON, so the prayerful mood was drowned out by the sound of my trip to the bathroom and the toilet flushing.  Lovely.  A group of moms close to the speaker had to do everything in their power to avoid laughing hysterically. I heard on NPR once that the best stories happen to people who can tell them.  
Is God giggling in your life?  

Sharing these stories lightens life, and it’s good medicine for the heart.  Giggling is a posture I want to practice, since I tend to take myself too seriously.  Let’s be honest, we are serious beings on a serious journey, but w
hat we focus on gets BIGGER!

Where do we tend to focus?  What makes news?

Jesus focused himself differently.  When faced with verbal traps, he creatively responded in a third way.  When people and organizations, like Nebraska Loves our Public Schools, choose to magnify the good, it gets LOUDER!  Let’s get our mind magnets clinging to what’s good and uplifting.

It’s easy to get in on the giggles, just:

1.  Notice at least one smile in this week–either take a pic, video or do a short write-up (like 5 min. or less).

            * NO humor at others’ expense.  We are all the “other” to someone else.
            * That said, humor at our own expense is encouraged.
            * Don’t stress.  If it’s more funny than wrong, go for it.

Fill your mind and meditate on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things worthy of praise. 

– Philippians 4:8