itty bitty baby blogger

I’m Evi.  (You say it like Chevy.) 
While I fling this phrase with gusto in real life–hoping those I meet might feel comfortable navigating my often mispronounced name–the words ring a tiny echo in this big Internet space.
I’m flinging words anyway, as I try to straighten up the shoulders of timid sentences, leaning into my prayer for courage to move words.  This first post comes after a retreat where I arrived with certainty that I would never write a blog.  Like normal, God’s giggling.
Maybe you know the feeling.
I envision God’s face with laughter lines, well etched.  Whether God’s face is one you would recognize or one that’s new to you, I’m glad you’re here.  Welcome to this space.  I would show you around and point out bathrooms, but . . . I’m not all that familiar with it yet myself.  Heck, if you’re feeling lost, don’t worry.  Me too.  Hah!
One thing I do know. 
No matter how lost or under-constructioned you feel, I know you matter infinitely and deeply in this moment.  Right here.  Right now.  Even if it’s just a Tuesday and you don’t feel all that shined-up, and you-just-found-your-kid-eating-a-Cheerio-and-you-haven’t-had-Cheerios-for-like-five-days, you matter to the Maker.  Whatever nudged you toward this little corner of the Web, I choose to believe God had a part in it.  He wants to catch up.  And today, like most days, is a good day for that. 
My intent in this space is to turn up the volume on God’s still-small voice in my life, and maybe (God willing) do the same for at least one other person.  Paul encourages us, “Make it your goal to live a quiet life, minding your own business and working with your hands” (1 Thessalonians 4:11).  My hands seem to sense God’s pleasure when at a keyboard, open to what needs saying, so here I am.
When all my jumbled mess falls away, I’m just evi jane (with no capitals).  I want to live and and act on Jesus’ command in Mark to just have faith, but I fall short–like every five minutes–as I over-stretch into something far from what I’ve been created to be. 
But, we’ll get to all that. 
For now, I just want to introduce myself.  It’s an answer to prayer that you’re here.  Thanks so much for being here and for living into the answers.
-just evi jane

4 thoughts on “itty bitty baby blogger”

  1. So it turns out I've been mispronouncing your name in my head. So pleased to see you stepping out and leaning into your dreams! Can't wait to see where God leads you, Evi!


  2. So glad you did introduce yourself to this space! I can see your smile and shining eyes as I read your words, and it all shines Jesus. Blessings to you and this space, new friend.


  3. Hi Evi! Makes me so happy to see you pushing words in this space! I can't wait to see how God is going to pour through you, sister!It was a blessing to get to know a bit of your story (and heart)this weekend 🙂


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