God Giggles Saturday: memo lines & goosebumps

Giggly Memo Lines:  This week I’ve been categorizing our spending in a “better late than never” attempt to better envision our finances.  Lacking a check ledger, I asked my mom (who works at the bank) to review a few check images, so I could categorize them.  After bringing them up, she learned that my husband thinks it’s hilarious to put the most random comments in the memo lines of checks to his buddies.

  • Husband laughing at his ridiculous check memo lines = funny.
  • Finding out about it from my mom after sending her to find them = priceless.

Goodness Goosebumps:  A family friend got married this week–sort of my adopted little brother.  He gave a heartfelt and thoughtful speech that ended with words to his bride.  His final words tottered between bravery and a quiver, “You looked absolutely stunning today–just like I knew you would.”

  • It’s one thing to compliment a bride’s beauty, it’s another to tell her that her beauty precedes even one swipe of mascara.

Wanna get in on the Goodness and/or the Giggles?  Click here to find out how.

evi like chevy

evi like chevy


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