prayer for summer 2013

While classes have been over for a bit, I’m on the cusp of “just summer” as I close the book on my last task of the school year with my friend/writing buddy/colleague.  I’ll still have work to do, but here is my prayer for summer 2013.

Less grading. . . More poetry. 

Less lunch at my desk . . . More picnics. 

Less TV. . . More campfires. 

Less pictures. . . More memories. 

Less running around. . . More napping with my one-year-old. 

Less things. . . More people. 

Less list making. . . More song making. 

Less e-mail. . . More letters. 

Less coffee in the car . . . More beer on the deck. 

Less devotions. . . More Bible. 

Less me-focus. . . More others-focus. 

Less computer. . . More stories. 

Less worry is me. . . More calling is me. 

Less fear. . . More strength. 

Less anxiety. . . More contentment. 

Less “just get through”. . . More “embrace today with hope and joy”.

Less doing . . . More being. 


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