funny how that works

If you asked me who is the person who has irritated me the most in my life, I would have to answer. . . my sister.  But, if you also asked me who is the person I’ve learned the most from (in spite of having my doctorate), I would also have to say . . . my sister.  She’s a brilliant woman who’s perspective on the world–much shaped by her business experience–helps me to see things in my educationally-cocooned world in a new way.

One time when I was having a bad day she told me to pick up a pen and look at it from the side and then look at it from the tip.  She said, “When you focus on your problems, you’re looking at the tip like it’s the whole story, but when you shift your perspective and realize that today is only a part of the much longer story of your life (the whole pen), things shift back where they need to be.

See how little that tip is?  That’s today.

This morning my sister shared a video with me that’s shifted my perspective yet again.  I would encourage you–as she encouraged me, to watch it, “In spite of its awesome 80’s fashion choices.”


So what’s your list?  What do you like. . . love about that thing/person/situation that’s been irritating you?  How would you view it if it were lost?

It’s funny to me how for many years of my life my sister was my greatest irritant, never letting me hang out with her cooler, older friends.  Today she’s a great blessing in my life.  Funny how that works, again and again the thing driving us crazy ends up being a way that God’s trying to bless us.

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