Day 1: #gratitudeparty

“I cannot think of a single advantage I’ve ever gained from being in a hurry. . . Through all that time I thought I was making up time.  It turns out I was throwing it away.” 
(Buchanan, 2007, p. 45, emphasis added)
Yesterday I was in a hurry, buzzed.  Reclining on the plum-colored couch at the end of the day with my two kiddos–one two-years-old, the other seven months–I just couldn’t turn off the fast pace.  My body sat still, thoughts still sprinting.
“I wonder if anyone will come to the gratitude party. . . I am so excited. . . what if someone doesn’t know how to subscribe. . . maybe this was just a stupid idea. . . why am I doing this again?”
Funny how sending invitations to a virtual 30-day gratitude party had thrown me into exactly the mindset I’m trying to shift: striving and evaluating.  I am forever trying to maximize my time, and in this tight hold, I sense I’m killing it.

Time is a funny thing; it only enlarges when we slow down.
The world tells us to schedule time like mad, treat time like a slave.  In that case when my daughter woke up during my scheduled writing time early this morning, I should have marched her right back to bed in spite of her tuft of blonde hair and cute lil’ tired face.  But–and I so want to learn this–there is enough time for what is needed.  So instead of pointing my dictator finger back to her toddler-size bedroom, I waved her over to cuddle under our fuzzy red blanket.  
This 30-day challenge is not one more thing to do, another task on an already long list.  Instead it’s a lens to look through, a red blanket over every moment in the next 30-days leading up to Thanksgiving.  
Each day I will post a short piece.  I’m a teacher, so some will be teacher-y.  I hope some will make you laugh, but all will call us to action, to work out our gratitude muscles.  So, here’s day 1!  Cheers to us getting all buff and stuff.
Day 1 Challenge:
  • Get a dedicated notebook or start a list on your phone/computer.  This works best if it’s easily accessible through your day.  When gratitude strikes–and it will–jot it down.  I bought a little $.99 composition book, labeled it “thanks” and added a goofy sticker (Charli has already scribbled on it).  The goal with this list is to notice moments of gratitude each day for the next 30, both at work and at home.  
  • Choice 1) Note 3 Things Each Day (Totally Awesome)
  • Choice 2) Join me in Ann Voskamp‘s epic challenge to notice 1,000 gifts this month.  (Yikes. . . that’s like 33.3 a day. . . God better show up. . . Just what is .3 gratitudes?)
#7 Little blondie under a red quilt, warm cheek against mine.

*To enter yourself TO WIN A FREE PIE, post one of your gratitudes in the comments below.  The bakery pie will be mailed to your address.  p.s. Sara Meyer. . . only one entry per person. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Day 1: #gratitudeparty”

  1. I about posted that the pie goes to–not Sarah. I feel like you are the only one oober-excited about it. I have an e-mail out to the winner. If I don't hear back form her in a bit, perhaps you win by default. 🙂


  2. Thanks for engaging with gratitude gal–and sharing this with your kiddos, Aimee! Missed you on Saturday. Hope all is going well with the new little bundle of joy. Praying for good sleep!


  3. I am grateful for sleep! I watch my husband literally run himself ragged during harvest, which is finally done for us. (hallelujah! Another grateful thing!) He fell asleep in his recliner last night and I was so glad to see him peacefully sleeping through the TV programs! What a blessing!


  4. For my kids loving me! After I got home from a business meeting last night, both kids were excited to see me. So much so, fussiness immediately set in when both kids wanted me to put them to bed. At one time in my life, I would've been stressed by the fits and the crying. But as I sat in the chair rocking my 13 month old to sleep, I thought to myself' \”How great is it to be a mom that is loved so much that both kids fought over me about bedtime!\” Love!!


  5. My #1000gifts journal is nearly filled… working on round 3… and I love this challenge because this is the time of year that I can THINK of them, but forget to jot them down, but it is oh so helpful to write it out! It truly does help to slow down time! Today – I'm grateful for a non-bossy schedule and a rainy day that begged for coffee and couches and reading and such!


  6. Mitchell said that he was thankful for everything today. That's sweet, but I don't think such a vague comment should qualify him for pie! I am thankful for the changing seasons and that I can crawl under my warm covers with just my cold nose poking out!


  7. I'm grateful that a recent move into a memory care facility for my in-laws went much smoother than expected. So blessed to be part of a loving family!


  8. I love the ability for God to talk to us through different avenues: Scripture, books, people, movies, songs, prayers, silence. I just – oh I love that and need that. Sometimes one thing can totally pass me up and then I'll hear something that just sticks and I KNOW it's from God.


  9. Last night I noticed I had a nail in my tire, bummer! Definitely not grateful for that. What I am grateful for the most today is my wonderful big sis who allowed me to drive her car while she gets my tire fixed! She does a whole lot for me, what a doll right? 🙂


  10. Gratitude for social media and the ability to connect with people you feel a kindred spirit-ness with but life's busy-ness gets in the way…for now. Thanks for sharing your experience of the fine balance it takes to stay not too busy and in a place of enough-ness. I've been working on a blog post about \”enough\” as well. Too much and not enough…banning these words 🙂 Jodi Gehr, SoulFully You


  11. This morning at 5:30 my sweet kitty, Lacey, found the crook of my arm and plopped her furry body next to mine. She was purring as loud as a lawn mower and there was no ignoring her. My hand found her furry belly and I began to rub and pet her. We had a nice 30 minutes of cuddling together before my alarm went off. It was such a sweet way to start my morning. I literally started my day with a warm fuzzy!


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