Day 27: Seeing with Fresh Eyes

“It is not joy that makes us grateful.  It is gratitude that makes us joyful.” – David Rast

Last night when all the cool kids were watching the American Music Awards, I was watching The Little Mermaid.  Yep, that’s my life.  But–I actually enjoyed myself.  If you can’t smile at the words dingle-hopper or snarf-blatt, you’re taking yourself too seriously.  Anyway, I hadn’t seen movie for a long time, and–hello–she gives up her family and her voice for a man?  All that aside, I was struck by one scene that I hadn’t noticed before with all of the giant-sized Ursula hubbub and underwater musical extravaganza.

After Ariel loses her mermaid tail and flirts her way into Eric’s house, he takes her on a tour of his kingdom.  I love this scene.  She dangles herself down over the carriage in awe at the horse’s feet, she charges head-first into the day with this beautiful zest of someone who hadn’t seen all of these “normal” things before.

I wonder if Eric saw his kingdom differently that day, seeing it through her eyes.

I’m thankful for two-year-old eyes this year.  They see everything.  Just this week as we put up our Christmas tree (yes, I’m one of those people drowning a baby reindeer), it stopped her short.  In this pool of wonder she just stood with her head cocked back and eyes sparkling.  And I too had never seen a more beautiful tree.  What would it look like to take that beginner’s mind, that fresh perspective to your day-to-day Monday today?  What if, like Ariel, we took time to marvel at the simple wiggle of our own toes?

When I get home from work our dog, Daisy greets me with this beginner’s mind, this joyful curiosity.  It might as well be the first time I’ve seen her every single day.  Her tail doesn’t just wag–her whole butt goes crazy.  One of my co-workers has been taking time to notice something new each day on her way to work.  I loved this idea and took a little detour on my way this past week.  It takes a smidgen more time, but instead of going the most direct route, I’ve snuck in an extra loop to grab some nature gratitudes.  I’m surprised at the positive impact this little change has on my day.

So, maybe I’m not Ariel, in a “Whole New World” to explore (oh wait, that’s Aladdin), but maybe, just maybe, I am.

#947.  Seeing the Christmas tree through two-year-old eyes.

Day 27 Challenge:

  • Choice 1:  Make a small change in your day to grab some nature gratitudes.
  • Choice 2:  Notice something new on your commute to work.
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3 thoughts on “Day 27: Seeing with Fresh Eyes”

  1. Oh, Lynne and Kelly. Thanks so much for all your comments. I didn't take the time to really read them because I was afraid I'd lose my writing gumption. Thanks for cheerleading. You are both the best!


  2. Noticing something new every time I drive to work has made me value that time in the car. It keeps me focused and sometimes makes me chuckle. How could I have missed the barnyard animal cutouts by a windmill so many times before? Has that house always been bright red? How does God come up with so many different, yet beautiful skies? I marvel at it all.


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