Spring is in the Air

I know this doesn’t sound very gratitude-y, but I would like to formally start a petition to skip the months of January and February next year.  Feel free to sign your name below.  Nebraska.  Dreary.  Cold.  Gray.  Bleh.  These last few months have been tough as it was dreary out and I felt dreary in.

But then the snow starts melting.

The birds start chirping.

Time change is one way the holy spirit works a change in me, and thank goodness because I was starting to feel like winter might never end.

And just like that, gratitude isn’t something I’m striving for, something I should be doing, but something I’m living, breathing slower as the sun warms up more than my face.

If you’re not feeling that this week, I dare you to take your eyes off this phone or your screen for a minute and just look out the window and notice.

This time of year, when the tulips are just pushing through, I always think of one of my favorite poems by E.E. Cummings.  You can read all of “In Just-” by clicking here.

After spring comes my favorite, SUMMER!  Start unpacking those flip-flops and check out these two workshops I’m doing in June!  So excited.


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