With Us and For Us

John Steinbeck wrote East of Eden. You might have heard of this book in English class, or (perhaps more likely) from Oprah’s book club.  The story  focuses on Genesis Chapter 4, the story of Cain killing Abel.  The novel hinges on one key word in the story: Timshel. 

This interesting Hebrew word translates as “thou mayest.”  

Mumford and Sons have a song with this word as the title.  The song, much like Steinbeck’s book asks the question, “Why does God let us choose when we have the capacity to choose so wrong?”  

​Why does God trust us that much?

Even when our choices or the choices of others leave us imprisoned by hurt or death or illness or addiction, at the very bottom we find the purest and most loving of gifts from a Giver who’s not afraid to go to the bottom with us and for us.  

Grace gives us choice, loves our will, empowers us to ask for forgiveness and when we find ourselves asking, “Why?” Grace says to us, I love you. . . thou mayest.


Great Giver, 
Thank you for choices in life and for support You provide for us when we feel our choices are stifled.  May we show and be grace for others today.  Amen.

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