A Carol Joy Nebraska Summer

I sit on the crackling dirt,
my flip flop spurs up dust on top,
like powdered sugar
just holding the black below, muddy.

It’s still.

Crickets chirp left,
then right.
Thunder flashes in the west-
My chin turns quick.

Last year’s corn stocks begin to fade beneath white circle clover flowers.

The northwest sunset paints lava red with lavender brushstrokes
I try to take it in
But can’t
So I breathe thanks
and again.

Two mosquitoes (who weren’t here yesterday) buzz in my ear,
cracking the perfection, and yet part of it somehow.
I slap my upper arm left,
then right.
And it’s time to go in for the night.

A semi hums in the distance, and I taste a Carol Joy Holling summer just starting.

Up above my head. . .
I hear singing in the air
and taste Kool-Aid in my cuppie,
tinged with leftover sno cone.
Squish s’more between my lips, crisp marshmallow toasted hollow, melting chocolate stars
as nervous new friends bounce down the hill
with flashlights and toothbrushes
and questions. . .

And I feel alive
and close to Something Deeper,
and now
in Love once again.
Nebraska summer.

Today’s Thanks:
Newly commissioned camp counselors
A home-run ball retrieved by a friend
Grilled pork chops with perfect crisp edges
Toddler grins with twinkle eyes
Your turn. . . 

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