Living the In-Between

It feels like this week has lasted fifteen days.  

I am writing this near the end of the school year, and my students are writing their names on my marker board during study hall, all wound-up after state and unit testing.   It is ten minutes to the bell, and I don’t have the energy to remind them one more time to sit down.  These last days of school can seem like non-days, almost like a hoop to jump through before the real living begins with summer vacation.

As long as it is “today,” we are living a day that matters.  Today is a day to encourage someone.  Today will be etched in eternity.  This can be hard to remember as we anticipate weddings, new babies, grandchildren, retirement, events, or the end of the school year.  But these days of waiting, these in-between days matter too.  

In these days that seem like mere check-off’s on the to-do list of life, I can be tempted to rush things, to jump from one activity to the next.  With that attitude we can miss it, we have the total capacity to turn away from living our own life if we aren’t mindful.  Maybe you’re with it today, feeling God’s presence and call in your life.  Maybe you’re a step off the path, or maybe you’re so far away you’ve forgotten what your path was even supposed to look like.  No matter where your choices have taken you, God is here to.  God was here, and God will be here.  We might miss it, but God won’t miss us.  

So live today, this one, not some far off day in the future when you’re finally rich enough, or free-scheduled enough, or good enough, or graduated enough, but live here right here, right now when you are already enough in the eyes of God.  Each day we are presented with opportunities for good, with moments where we can encourage others.  What would it look like to slow down enough to notice? 

How can we come into our lives today, into these spaces and see?  How can we turn back?  My sense is that when I go looking for the good, it finds me, usually in an unexpected place.  Even now in this crazy study hall I not only see rambunctious students, but I notice the beautiful mess on my marker board.  It was really so boring just minutes ago. 

This is the day. . . ” – Psalm 118:24

Today’s Thanks:
Looking back on an old draft
A fun weekend with girlfriends
Coneflowers in bloom
Spinach and artichoke dip
Your turn. . . 

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