Baby it’s Warm Outside (Day 9)

I hold my daughter’s small mittened hand with a tight grip as I pinch the navy coat edges around my face, bracing against the icy wind.  

“Brr,” she says as a shiver goes up her arm to mine.  

“I know,” I echo, as we scoot up the church steps, careful not to slip. 

“Maybe we could go back to Mexico until it warms up again,” she says. 

And I have to admit she has a point.

January and February in Nebraska can inspire anyone to find themselves in a love affair with a warm bed, layered quilts, steaming soup, and cuddly socks.

Recently, I came across a Bible verse section that has helped when my motivation needs to warm up.  As a teacher, I see it as a classroom management strategy, but it is also helpful in other areas of my life.  May it warm you up today as you set out into the world, ready to see the gratitude unfolding, even on a Monday.

Acknowledge those who work hard.
Warn those who are idle and disruptive.
Encourage the disheartened.
Help the weak.
Be patient with everyone. 

1 Thessalonians 5:12-24

Sometimes all it takes is a little wonder, a little shot of gratitude, and we’re warmed up again, finding our stocking feet on the floor that were just minutes ago tucked into a toasty bed.  Other times it takes more.  But today may we be ready, ready to notice the gratitude that is living through us.  

And yes, winter is cold, but it is more than a step on the way to spring; it is its own time to live deep and give thanks.  May our focus shift from avoiding the chill to finding the sparkle on the whiteness of the snow.  May it move from ourselves to those around us.  They could sure use some warmth too.

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