You Make a Difference in My Life (Day 10)

I click open the work e-mail thinking I might be able to quickly click the gray trash can delete icon.  The communication says that the TeamMates chapter at my work is celebrating mentoring month.  It is a time to thank someone who has made, or who continues to make, a difference in my life.  It dares me to brainstorm a list of specific and descriptive qualities that I appreciate about a mentor:  a parent, a teacher, or any person who has listened, encouraged, or challenged me positively along the way.   

A former teacher jumps to mind, and I draft a quick e-mail, thanking her for a number of specific things that mattered to me.  As I hit “send,” the lump in my throat catches me unaware.  I hadn’t realized how deep my thanks ran and how big her seemingly small actions had been in my life.

I have always felt gratitude for her, but expressing it with specific details was different and important.  The mentor wrote back, thanking me for the thanks on what had been a hard day, and the completed circle felt real and friendly and deep and light all at once, like we were doing part of the simple-yet-key work that makes life rich.  

Gratitude has a unique quality.  No matter how much we try to give it away, it grows and comes back.  When we tap on the real stuff, the deep gratitudes just waiting to be said, something frees up that we didn’t realize was locked down.  

What if you turn the key today?  Could you stop what you’re doing?  Could it wait for five minutes as you express specific gratitude to someone who has made a difference in your life?  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Call.  Text.  Write it down.  Get it out.  Let it go and see how it grows.


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