Oreos, A Poem for Friendship (Day 18)

Every once in awhile I am pure me
Electric calm
A deep breath giggle
No masks, no pretending, no not quite enough.

I am this more often lately
On backpacking trips
Cooking vegetables so alive
Dancing with my kiddos
Dancing with no one at all
Reading a book on a new topic that kindles and fans something deep. 

I have been pure me around you
Given permission by some secret contract
Pinkie promise
by all that which 
sees you and sees me true.

Around you I am not a problem to solve
So thanks.
For this, 
-maybe the rarest of gifts-
catches my words
for exquisite grace I don’t deserve,
but I receive
For you came along at just the right time.

An Oreo half soft in milk, yet still crunchy
Its best self with something added.
As with you and me dear friend.
As with you and me.


Gratitude Challenge:  Express gratitude to someone who has been or who continues to be a friend.  Grab an old photo and send it in a text.  Use that voice record feature on your phone that you’ve been wanting to try and sing a song from way back when.  Whatever it is, look back, then forward, saying thanks.  

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