Gratitude from Across the World

I am so thankful to Sarah for sharing these words of gratitude during her deployment.  I asked thinking I might post this on Veteran’s Day, but after reading her words, and after the weekend I’ve had (more on that tomorrow), I don’t want to wait.  Thank you Sarah for your service and for encouraging us all today. 

An Air Force chaplain once said, “It’s hard to see God in a crowd.”  He was referring to people getting caught up in the fast lane of life and finding time for faith took the backseat.  That really stuck with me. Similarly, it can be hard to see gratitude in a crowd, or maybe better put a cloud.  Dredging through a deployment has its cloudy days; being apart from loved ones and the comforts of home hits the mind and soul with a tidal wave of emotions.

Truthfully, we will all have our low places in life, but hanging out in the trenches does not have to be permanent residence.  Every day is a gift and it’s ultimately up to us to make it count or waste it (thanks mama, you taught me that).  99% of the time I choose to make it count, but while deployed, it doesn’t come easy.  My first week here was rough, it took a small army of family and friends to pick me up and get me back on track.  Slowly I regained my composure, did some self-reflection, set goals, got in a routine, and set off to LIVE (not just get by) each day to its fullest.  For that I am truly grateful for that small army of family and friends who carried me out of the storm.

I am grateful for another small army, our Sterling community and school, who have taken time to support me and my family with acts of kindness, phone calls, letters, and prayers.  I will tell you it DOES make a difference, THANK YOU! Here are a few more things I am grateful for this week: awesome co-workers, 10 point pitch, motivation, mail, WiFi, new comfy slippers, and pictures of those I hold dear in my heart. May you all find gratitude in your daily lives and strive to make each day count!

From another Jet Country to yours,
SMSgt Sarah A. Bredthauer

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