gratitude gal turns six

“But if your strife strikes at your sleep, remember spring swaps snow for leaves.”

-Mumford and Sons

This spring marks six years of writing here at the ole blog. Six. A lot has happened in that time. Instead of a one-year-old, my tall first grader is turning seven.

She just cut her hair.

She looks older.

So today, in the spirit of haircuts, springtime, and fresh starts, welcome to the renewed space here at WordPress. Thanks to Blogger for six years of good stuff.

Along with a new layout, I’m sending a gratitude dare out into the cold and snow-covered universe. I dare us all to find time in the next week to sit down and make a little gratitude list. We’re talking 20 minutes tops, folks. Find a hot beverage, a comfy seat; find a little quiet. This time at the start of March–Ash Wednesday–is the time where we might need to wake up those gratitude muscles.

Mine are feeling weak. But I’m here. And you’re here. And as I write a few down my list, I randomly think about that one kid at school who drives me crazy–but whose little routine at the end of each day has me smiling.

The class lines up with backpacks loaded, and I fist-bump them all on the way out the door. For some reason this little guy insists that I fist bump his head. For him, a normal fist bump just won’t do. It’s a quirky part of my days, but one little thing that makes me smile as I add it to my list. I’m not experiencing it now, and yet I am.

Gratitude is magic like that.

Let’s not forget about gratitude.

Let’s not forget.

“The void is filled with love.”

– Parker J. Palmer

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