A Prayer For Our Classroom . . .

Last year I taught fifth and sixth grade. At the year’s onset I was nervous, as many teachers are this time of year. The kids are coming and we know that very soon we will be “on,” and we will have names to memorize and planning to do. I wrote this note of hope in my journal at the start last year. It is in the shape of a spiral (one of my favorite shapes). It looks like a fingerprint. Perhaps that is my prayer again this year, that the uniqueness of me might find the uniqueness of the students who really need it. That we might all learn new things and smile on the looking back. Cheers to 2019/20.

A new prayer for our classroom. . .

That we might be and find ourselves in wonder, where we find spaces to just BE together,

to have our eyes opened to each other. Organized – yes, but strangled, no.

My very best, restarting again and again.

Time to play. GROWTH. Soil of kindness and consistency, composed with personal writer’s notebooks and good pens, with quotes and stories that leave us changed.

A space where you belong, with your highs and lows–you’re home and we belong to each other.

Help us see each other through, so that in 20 years they still have that thing they made in Dr. W’s class, reminded who they are and knowing they have power to change and to grow.


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